Pharmacy Reimbursement – Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Improve cash flow

To further streamline the claims reconciliation process, we offer a free Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program. The EFT program improves pharmacy cash flow by providing quicker payments compared to the traditional paper check process.

Our EFT program, used in coordination with our pdfElectronic Remittance Advice (ERA) program enables you to:

  • Receive payment quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce the risk of losing a paper check
  • Save time by reducing the need to track and deposit paper checks

We work with many different pharmacy affiliations on file with NCPDP in order to meet your Electronic Funds Transfer needs.

Enrollment eligibility requirements

  • Currently contracted with OnePoint Patient Care as a partner pharmacy
  • Must currently be receiving an 835 electronic remittance advice file from OnePoint Patient Care or enroll in the OnePoint Patient Care ERA concurrently

To enroll in OnePoint Patient Care’s EFT program

Complete and return the pdfEFT Request Form.

If you are not enrolled in OnePoint Patient Care’s ERA program

Learn more about our Electronic Remittance Advice program.


Check out frequently asked questions here.